Learn  to Kick Balls in Pockets Like a Pro Pocket Billiard Player

Learn Kicking by the Numbers

"This Easy to Learn System Will Have You Kicking Like a Pro Billard Player in Just a Few Hours of Practice"

Most pool players just guess when they kick the cue at another ball.  Start learning today precisely where to aim to kick sucessfully. 
A durable laminated sheet with precise aiming numbers  that you can take to the pool room and practice kicks. 
In a pool league?  Then let this Kick Butt Kick Sheet take your whole team to a higher level.  So that your team can Kick Butt!  Keep the Kick Butt Kick Sheet with your team envelope or your team notebook. 
Precise kicking numbers that you can aim at to kick the pool balls hidden from your sight.
The video is proof that kicking at the numbers works provided you know the numbers.
Get FREE pdf that shows even more aimng  numbers and methods.

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30 day money back guarantee if not completely satisfied (excluding postage and handling) and you can keep the Kick Butt Kick Sheet.
Are you tired of getting trapped on the pool table and not being able to kick at your object ball and make a legal hit?
Do you want to coach your pool league team to kicking at the ball but do not know how?
Would a NFL coach go to the game without a play book?
Do you need a play book  for getting out of traps on the pool table?
Do you want to raise your level of play to a higher level?
The Kick Butt Kick sheet is a laminated sheet with the guides and aiming numbers to get you kicking balls in pockets in hours instead of years of guessing and learning.
I am no pro pool player but in the video above this I kicked from the hardest part of the table using  the Kick Butt Kick Sheet aiming numbers and kicked the ball into the pocket every single time.
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Did I mention there is 30 day money back guarantee if not completely satisfied (excluding postage and handling) and you can keep the Kick Butt Kick Sheet.
Free Bonus #1 
Some brand new never before published kicking information will be sent to you in PDF after 30 days so you can learn even more about kicking.
Free Bonus #2
 A never before published formula that makes kicking easy in these situations. Get this free bonus immediately via email and a follow up PDF done by a graphic artist that shows this formula in detail.
Free Bonus #3
Another never before published formula for a sligthly different situation..  This is sent via email and later a follow up PDF by a graphic artist that makes it easy to understand.



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